Crude Oil Trading

Crude oil tradingWe trade Crude Oil Futures Contracts in our trading room. Our Price Action Trading Strategy is based on price and volume analysis during the most liquid hours of the trading day.

Copy Trade Setups, Learn our Strategies From a Live Trader Every Day.
All trades called in the trading room are personal trades is actually placing on my working trading account. No matter where in the world you are, if you are keen on building an income from home and would like the magnificent support professional full-time trader to provide, we urge you to get on board. Our trades generate between 1-3 signals per day and allow you to day trade without having to watch every tick.

How does it work?

We are pleased to offer an easy-to-use web conferencing system which allows you to directly connect to the computer screen of our professional trader. You can connect at any time during trading hours.


We actively trade for 2-3 hours in the AM (start 08:00 CT) Monday through Friday.

Please use Time Zone Converter to check your local time.

Entry Point, Stops and Take/Profit Targets are displayed in the room however during fast markets some trades may be too fast to be posted. To ensure that you keep up with the trades, listen closely to the trade commentary and market conditions as it is called out.